I feel like I’m living in a bloody rain forest!

Oh wait a minute, I am.

Some thoughts about taking pictures in the rain, by a generally fair weather photographer, who from some reason lives in a city in the middle of a rainforest.


  • uniform light gray sky and soggy light.

thru a rain-smeared windowthru a rain-smeared window, looking down on people walking in the rain from one of the artist’s studios in the 1000 Parker Street Building (Vancouver’s Eastside Culture Crawl)

  • can’t let the sky get in the photo unless there’s a great shape or silhouette that you are planning on cutting out of that white sky.
  • hard on non-waterproof camera


  • saturated colours (although even the most basic point ’n shoot has a plus/minus setting that will combat washed-out photos in better weather.)

Gunnera, giant rhurbarb

view of teeter-totters in the rainview of teeter-totters in the rain, another dark rainy day, as viewed from Emily Carr Art School

euphorbia painted blueeuphorbia painted blue – never plant anything near an art school!

  • raindrops

green wings
And even though I can’t think of any more pros, some people get really creative under these circumstances.

In a show of one of our favourite photographers, he took many photos of lights at night reflected on dark rain-slicked surfaces. That was his last show, as an instructor in a workshop he had taken had encouraged him to apply to National Geographic. That was his last show, so I think he’s now busy living his (and many other photographer’s) dream. Which proves that taking advantage of the weather, no matter how bad, pays off with unusual photos…

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