Lime ‘Mezcalito’ Mistakes

These were supposed to be Margaritas, and if you want a Margarita then just substitute ‘tequila blanca’ for the mezcal!

1. Rim glasses with lime and dip into salt. 

2. Into a powerful blender pour: 

  • 1 can of limeade concentrate (we used Minute Maid, made with ‘real limes’)
  • 3-4 cans of ice cubes
  • 1/2 can mezcal* (we used ‘El Famoso Mezcal Anejo, 100% agave’)
  • 1/4 can triple sec
  • the juice of 1 or 2 fresh lime(s)

    lime squeezer from Mexico

    lime squeezer from Mexico – a fantastic little contraption. I once did about 15 limes for Key Lime Pie in no time flat and to clean it is just a quick rinse under the tap…

*of course you could always use white tequila instead of mezcal, and make a ‘Margarita’, which was the original plan.

3. Blend until ice is crushed.

blending the 'Mezcalitos'

blending the ‘Mezcalitos’

As limes vary greatly in acidity and intensity, you might want to test the mix for sweetness and strength. If it is too sour you can add sugar syrup or more Triple Sec; if the flavour is too intense, you can dilute it with another can of ice cubes or cold water, and blend again.

Once it is ‘al gusto’, pour into salt-rimmed glasses and serve immediately.

Margarita (or Mezcalito)

Margarita (or Mezcalito)

Note: Everyone thought they were mighty fine Margaritas until I realized that Al had used mezcal rather than tequila. Mona then called them ‘Mezcalitos’, and history was made!

These go really well with Marinated Queso Fresco:

El Famoso Mezcal Anejo - 100% Agave

El Famoso Mezcal Anejo – 100% Agave

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