Sparkling Wines (& Champagne) for New Year’s Eve

Cava Codorniu sparkling wineCava Codorniu sparkling wine

Cava Codorniu sparkling wine

Even though I got way behind at Christmas, I have managed to do some ‘champagne’ tastings at the Liquor Store in a more timely manner.

They had some Italian Prosecco, but I wasn’t that fond of it, finding it all about ‘green apple’ and too sour. There was also some French Champagne, Piper-Heidsieck, the most popular in France according to the hostess. At $50 plus dollars a bottle, it should have been fabulous but I also found it too sour! Perhaps they shouldn’t have paired it with those delicious, but sweet, dark chocolates filled with Contreau.

Cava Segura ViudasCava Segura Viudas

another excellent Cava:  Segura Viudas Brut Reserva

They also had four different Spanish ‘champagnes’, known as Cava, to taste, each paired with a different cheese. And my favourite was (drum roll please), Codorníu – Clásico Brut. It is light and crisp, and the cheapest at $13.99! It was paired with Manchego cheese, a hard sheep cheese from Spain, and the combination was magic.

After purchasing the bottle I immediately ran out and bought some Manchego cheese. Note that this cheese is a bit chalky when cold, and needs to be served at room temperature.

Manchego cheese

Manchego cheese, hard sheep’s cheese from Spain

Codorniu – Clásico Brut: light, crisp @13.99

Manchego cheese: purchased from Santa Barbara Market on Commercial Drive – about $3.29/100 grams; fabulous with Cava (Spanish Champagne)

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