Chinese New Year parade, celebrations & food, 2012

2012’s Chinese New Year’s Parade, featuring the Year of the Dragon, in Vancouver’s Chinatown.

‘Why is everyone ignoring me?’ (slightly lost lion in Vancouver’s Chinese New Year Parade).
why is everyone ignoring me? The yellow horse riders.
the yellow horse riders A mummer in the parade, “It’s a spring festival – as long as we wear red we’re in!”
a mummer in the Chinese New Year parade Red lanterns in the Sun Yat Sen Garden. Entry is by donation during the Chinese New Year.
red lanterns in the garden The Carnival Band, Vancouver, featuring a ‘dragon’ trombone.
Chinese New Year musicians In the play garden, a man demonstrates a Chinese yo-yo…
Chinese yoyo The Chinese Tea Shop was giving out warming samples of some unusual herbal teas.
Chinese New Year herbal tea Siaopao are ‘steamed buns’; also advertised as Chinese hamburgers. I overheard a guide saying that this small stand was part of the most famous Chinese bakery in Vancouver!
Chinese New Year, Siaopao venders I had a steamed pork Siaopao, wonderful on a cold rainy day.
Chinese New Year, Siaopao This noodle soup shop was packed with people getting out of the cold and rain..
noodle soup shop My Won Ton & BBQ Pork Soup with tea, soy sauce and hot chile flakes in oil.
Won Ton & BBQ Pork Soup They were demonstrating how to make these candied strawberries on a stick, a nice crunchy dessert!
candied strawberries on a stick

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