Ensalada de camarones, or shrimp salad, from the state of Jalisco

The state of Jalisco in Mexico is the land of tequila, so it’s fitting that this ensalada features a tequila and vinegar dressing, plus lots of other Mexican goodies such as avocado, tomato, cilantro and crunchy tortilla strips.

The coastline of this state, extending from the Barra de Navidad in the south up to Puerto Vallarta in the north, brings in a bounty of fresh seafood, including loads of shrimp for this Jalisco-style salad.

Ensalada de camarones, or shrimp salad
  • camarones prepped for the ensalada

    camarones, small prawns or large shrimp!

    camarones are small prawns or large shrimp

  • prepare the dressing

    • 3 tbsp white vinegar*
    • 2 tbsp tequila blanca
    • 1/4 cup olive oil
    • salt
    • pepper
making the dressing for the ensalada

oil is added to the tequila and white vinegar mix for the dressing of the ensalada de camarones

  •  tortilla strips are deep-fried for a crunchy topping
deep-fried tortilla strips

deep-fried tortilla strips make a crunchy topping for the salad

  • ensalada de camarones with white onion (diced), cilantro (minced), avocado (cubed), tomato (cubed), lettuce (torn), the tequila and vinegar dressing, and topped with crunchy deep-fried tortilla strips.

    ensalada de camarones

    Ensalada de camarones, Jalisco-style

a fisherman casts his net in Barra de Navidad

a fisherman casts his net in Barra de Navidad

*Chef Rossana often uses a mixture of fresh citrus juices for salad dressings. Because fresh juices often vary widely in juiciness and sweetness/sourness, she uses neutral white vinegar to top up if there is not enough. It can also be used to adjust the dressing to add sourness whereas orange juice can be used to add sweetness. I am not that talented at adjusting a dressing before it’s on the salad, so white vinegar gives a consistency that allows the tequila to shine.

Another seafood treat from Jalisco, this time Puerto Vallarta, is Johnny’s fresh oysters.

This recipe is from my Mexican cooking class at UBC, taught by Chef Rossana Ascencio. You can connect with Chef Rossana at Twitter at https://twitter.com/MiMetate


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