Horchata, an ‘agua fresca’ made from rice

Our Michoacán menu included Agua de Horchata, a cool refreshing drink based on strained rice, toasted cinnamon, milk, sugar and ice. I have had this before, but never so tasty, and I have updated the ‘Aguas Frescas‘ page on my Spanish Soleducational Website!

Before our class Chef Rossana soaked three cups of white, long-grain rice in 5 cups of water for several hours. She noted that one could use ground almonds, melon seeds or coconut instead of rice.

Agua de Horchata

Agua de Horchata

Once soaked, the rice was rinsed, strained and then blended with 3 cups of milk, 3 toasted cinnamon sticks (broken into smaller pieces), and 3/4 cup sugar. Once all the rice and cinnamon had been crushed, the blend was poured into a strainer and a few cups of water were added. If too thick, more water can be added, and more sugar as well.  Serve cold over ice cubes.

adding ice cubes to a pitcher of Agua de Horchata

adding ice cubes to a pitcher of Agua de Horchata

The rest of our Michoacan menu at: Menu de Michoacan

Chef Rossana, our Mexican Cooking Class instructor, is on Twitter: https://twitter.com/MiMetate

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