Taste of Mexico: Veracruz

from gabbimex, an article featuring the food of Veracruz…

veracruz map3

For our next installment of “Taste of Mexico,” Chef Gabbi takes you to one of the country’s coastal gems. The state of Veracruz is a slender strip of land, squeezed between the mountainous terrain on the west and the Gulf of Mexico to the east.  Veracruz derives its wealth primarily from the huge amounts of trade and cargo ships docking at the city’s extensive ports; it also has lush, arable lands where fine coffee and tobacco are grown and exported.

Veracruzan cuisine shares many features of Mexican cuisine but also pays tribute to its strong Spanish and African roots.  The state boasts many water habitats including the Gulf of Mexico, making it a key destination for prime seafood delicacies.  The dish “Pescado a la Veracruzana” is Veracruz’s most celebrated contribution to world cuisine.

For a limited time, Chef Gabbi will feature her delectable version of some of Veracruz’s unique dishes.

veracruz map 1



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