Sketch and Photo of my Purple Parrot Tulip

April 30th, 2011 – the first of my one-a-day projects

Today I did a sketch of a tulip, and then, since that only took 15 minutes, I started another sketch, this time of a Spurge. But this plant was way too complex and I quickly gave up.

It’s like I have to start all over again, I’ve forgotten even the basics. It would have helped if I had worn my glasses so I could actually see what I was sketching. The garden stone I was sitting on was bloody cold, and the only other sitting option was the grass and that was not only cold but wet as well! Next time I will remember to bring out my little traveling stool.

Afterwards I took some reference photos. My camera has an even worse focussing problem than me so I used a burgundy matte board as a background to fool it into focusing where it was supposed to. These turned out quite well, but perhaps a charcoal background would have been more dramatic.

slightly shaky tulip sketchslightly shaky tulip sketch

my purple parrot tulip

my purple parrot tulip with burgundy matte board background


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