Escape to the Wild West Coast

Sometimes I want to escape to the wild west coast. To get to the Island you take the ferry from the city, and then, all of a sudden, you’re in the island world.

Feeding seagull on the ferry This sign is for tsunamis, but if there isn’t a tsunami, why ever would you want to escape?
Botany Bay Escape Trai Beware Bear! I adore this bear! Who wouldn’t want to be chased by such a magnificent creature? Apparently there were two yearling black bears on the ‘escape path’.Beware Bear!a Stone Mosaic of MeRocks at Botanical BeachKelp Tangle at Botanical Beach interesting rocks on Botanical BeachFinal escape, the pub at Port Renfrew, after a long day of hiking. Port Renfrew is at the end of the Juan de Fuca trail, and the beginning of the West Coast trail, or visa versa, depending on which way you’re coming.the pub at Port RenfrewA novel for for this stretch of the Juan de Fuca Highway:  ‘And on the Surface Die‘ by Lou Allin. A murder mystery set in Fossil Bay featuring RCMP Corporal Holly Martin and a record-setting typhoon!

3 responses to “Escape to the Wild West Coast

  1. Oh these photos are a wonderful delight to my eyes. I have Vancouver Island forever in my heart and I still to this day call it home, even though I moved east many many years ago. Thanks for bringing back the wonderful feelings of escape.

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