The Verdi Bed and Breakfast in Bruges, Belgium

First off, anyone planning to visit Belgium should see the movie: ‘In Bruges’, about two hitmen who are forced to lie low in Bruges.

Both El and I (and respective spouses) had seen it, and consequently Bruges was on our must-see list. In the movie there’s a climatic scene involving the Belfort, and when we found that the B&B Verdi was just 200 metres from the Belfort we immediately booked it!

We registered in the very impressive Verdi Tearoom and Restaurant. As you can see from my photos, I was totally fascinated by the multi-coloured crystal chandeliers…
B&B Verdi in Bruges - the restaurant
B&B Verdi in Bruges - the restaurant

We received our ancient-looking keys and were escorted to the hotel, half a block along around the corner. When we first saw our rooms El was a little bit alarmed. This is a very OLD hotel, and ensuites hadn’t been invented back in 1162 (or 1152, don’t have the exact date, but old, very old!). The rooms have been retrofitted to some extent, but her bathroom was outside the main suite.

I almost offered to switch rooms — ours was much smaller but did have an ensuite. However, El soon fell under the spell of history of the place.

B&B Verdi in Bruges - El checking out the view from her roomEl checking out the view from her room.
B&B Verdi in Bruges - the view from El's roomThe view from El’s room.
B&B Verdi in Bruges - the view from El's room

Another fascinating thing about the Verdi was that there were antiques everywhere, things that if I had owned them would have had me running down to the Antiques Roadshow. Here are just a few of the many vignettes scattered around the open hallways.
B&B Verdi in Bruges - antiques everywhere
B&B Verdi in Bruges - antiques everywhere
12apBelVB&B Verdi in Bruges - antiques everywhereerdiBandB-Bruges5777w

Last, but not least, I should mention the breakfasts that were included in the price. They were served in that very impressive tearoom around the corner and consisted of fresh-squeezed orange juice, croissants and other Belgian breads, yogurts, excellent coffee (or tea), ham and cheese.

Ham and Bruges Cheese

Belgian ham and Old Bruges Cheese

breakfast breads and croissantes

breakfast breads and croissantes

One morning breakfast included this marvelous pastry, cherries in a custard pie.
B&B Verdi in Bruges - cherry custard pie for breakfast

Anyway we were totally charmed by the Verdi, but I must warn that we tend to be quite adventurous in our choice of accommodation. Anything this old is never going to be perfect, so if you feel the need for all the modern conveniences, it probably isn’t for you. Cost was about 90 euros/night including all the taxes and that substantial breakfast for two (2012 prices).

Booked via
B&B Verdi
Address Vlamingstraat 5, Historical Centre of Brugge
Brugge, 8000

Another very close hotel recommended by another blogger dishnthekitchen is Hotel Malleburg. “It was a gem for our family and I was glad to stay there three nights. So close to Cambrinus!”

Our trip was roughly based on the Beer Route through Belgium, and here it is so far.
Some visits to a few traditional bars in Brussels:
More on fairytale Bruges (Brugge):
On Ghent:


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  1. hey! Thanks for the mention 🙂 I did a review on Trip Advisor for Hotel Malleburg but was back and forth about doing one on my blog as my main focus is food. That place was so great I almost did the review while still staying there!

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