Brugse Zot and the Half Moon Brewery Tour in Brugge, Belgium

Hmmm! It appears that all I wrote about the Half Moon Brewery Tour was: “back through town to the brewery for a drink and then a tour. Al asks why all the Belgian breweries offer so many high-alcohol beers; our guide tells us it’s the fashion and the breweries must keep up.

A group of women are munching chocolate/fudge tidbits all during the tour and I am so jealous; Bruges is the chocolate capital of Belgium and here I am, on a brewery tour, drooling over other people’s chocolate.”

Looking back over my photos I see a took a number of videos. I suppose I thought they would tell the story for me but I’m afraid not…
12apBelBruggeHalfMoon5811w Brouwerij Henri Maes sign at the Bruges (Brugge) brewery tour De Halve Maan Brouwerij, the half moon brewery, has been in the Maes family since 1856.

climbing the stairs at 'De Halve Maan Brouwerij' tour

climbing the stairs at ‘De Halve Maan Brouwerij‘ tour

12apBelBruggeBrewery6172wThe brewery was very old and atmospheric.Brewery tour wooden boxes at the Bruges (Brugge) brewery tourBrewery tourIn this brewery they use real hops, although we found that many breweries actually use hop pellets.
According to our guide, Belgians have a history of using beer to preserve some of the summer’s fruit bounty, resulting in Kreiks (cherry beer, my favourite afternoon beer), Framboise (raspberry), apricot and apple being among the most common fruit beers. Then there are the ‘secret ingredients’ (below): cardamom, cinnamon, orange peel, camomile flowers, coriander seeds, juniper beers, star anise and others whose labels I can’t translate such ‘zouthout’ and ‘panamahout’ (types of wood?), and more…

Belgian beer, the secret ingredients

Belgian beer, some of the secret ingredients

view from the window at the Bruges (Brugge) brewery tour
The view from the brewery windows

tasting room at the window at the Bruges (Brugge) brewery tourA beer was included in the tour price. This is the tasting room at the Bruges brewery.
One of the beers produced by this brewery is Brugse Zot. My tasting notes say:  from the brewery, blonde, decent, two stars (out of four) from me.
12apBelBrugseZotNeonSign6107w(above) A neon sign. (below) The base of the proper glass for serving Brugse Zot. Every single bar in Belgium seems to have a different glass for every single beer, even bars that advertise 400 different beers!


We had a beer while we were waiting for the tour and another beer afterwards.

our beers being poured at the end of the tour

our beers being poured at the end of the tour

Brugse Zot Label

Brugse Zot Label

Our trip was roughly based on the Beer Route through Belgium, and here it is so far.
Some visits to a few of the many traditional bars in Brussels:
More on fairytale Bruges (Brugge):
On Ghent:

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  1. One of the dishes I ate at Den Gouden Karpel was Cod steamed in Bruges Zot. Cooking with beer is a secret dream of mine…I was disappointed that we couldn’t dine at Den Dyver. I heard they have many dishes with beer involved. Have you beer there?

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