Shopping for a Picnic in Bruges, Belgium

I love all the little independent food shops in Belgium, and Bruges had tons. On the second day, after gazing at all these wonderful food ‘delis’, El suggested a picnic in the hallway outside our rooms at the Verdi B&B.

Here are some shop windows in Bruges to inspire you to have your own picnic…

Window in a fish shop in Bruges, Belgium 12apBelBruggeShopWindowFish5755w 12apBelBrusselsDeliWindow5761w But in Bruges it’s the desserts that take the cake…
Window Shopping for Desserts in Brugge, Belgium And of course, chocolate, chocolate, chocolate!
Chocolate-dipped oranges in a shop in Brugge, Belgium

chocolate poodle turds

For those who like their chocolate slightly kinky: some guilty-looking chocolate poodles with little chocolate turds sitting atop rolls of bright green and pink toilet paper.

Chocolates in a shop window

Chocolates in a shop window

Our picnic

Wine, bread, beer, cheese, olives, chorizo, patés, chocolate… Great fun! Our only problem was the light, one of those automatic shut-off ones. We had to shove a toothpick in it to keep it from plunging us into darkness every five minutes.

a picnic in the 'lounge' area outside our rooms

a picnic in the ‘lounge’ area outside our rooms

Our trip was roughly based on the Beer Route through Belgium, and here it is so far.
Some visits to a few traditional bars in Brussels:
More on fairytale Bruges (Brugge):
On Ghent:
To the Belgian Coast:

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