Roti Canai, a Flaky Flatbread from Malaysia

‘Roti canai’ is an unleavened bread, which may or may not be stuffed with various fillings from potatoes to bananas.

We enjoyed it for breakfast, lunch and dinner in Malaysia and Singapore (where they sometimes called it ‘pratath’). Watching them make roti canai is like watching an amazing piece of performance art!

cooking our breakfast roti canai

cooking our breakfast roti canai

Roti canai with dinner

roti canai with dinner

breakfast roti (Singapore)Singapore: Breakfast is two fresh-squeezed orange juices, one coffee Tarik (with a hint of caramel), and two banana pratath (roti canai) with curried dal dip – 9.50 S$ at the Tasvee Food Court, open 24 hours. Once we found this place we went there every day for breakfast!

Great instructions on how to make this sort of flaky, sort of hard to describe pastry/flatbread! I don’t think I could do any better so here it is:

4 responses to “Roti Canai, a Flaky Flatbread from Malaysia

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  2. Roti Cania is perhaps the most popular Malaysian food. I love it because it goes with many other side dishes. So thanks for sharing the recipe. Now I can make my own Roti Canai at home!

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