Mixed Media Painting Class: Selecting Images Suitable for Transfer

Selecting images suitable for transfer.

I took the Mixed Media & Built Surface class two years ago in order to get back into painting. Now I am taking it again in summer 2013, as life got too busy to carry on exploring all the amazing things I learnt. This blog is a mix of ‘then’ and ‘now’.

First class, June 2, 2011: 

In the introduction to this class our instructor Jeanne commented, “If you are hoping to produce a masterpiece then in you’re in the wrong class. This class is all about fun!”

Our first class focussed on transfers of images.

The best images for transfer

The best images are high-contrast, and must be printed on a laser printer or photocopier as inkjet prints do NOT work. At the art school they had a real razzle dazzle ‘art’ photocopier but regular laser prints will work. Most of the images I brought to the first class class had too much grey in them. Below are some of the images I ended up using for transfers…

  • YIKES! Below was my first attempt at image transfers, and it was a disaster! Later I will write about how this painting ended up ‘transformed’.
wood grain image

wood grain image transferred (badly) onto stained wood panel

  •  These scribbles were created while trying to clean my plotting pens at work. They photocopied quite well and looked great in negative mode! Later I will show what happened to the ‘scribbles’.

my scribbles

positive and negative scribbles transferred

positive and negative scribbles transferred onto a gessoed and colour-washed surface

image is too grey to transfer well

  • Below is ‘El Jefe’, the huge, ancient and somewhat battered iguana that lived next door to us at Melvin’s in Ostional, Costa Rica. Since most of the photos I brought to the first class were too grey, I went home and photoshopped him into a high-contrast cut-out image suitable for transfer. Later I will show where ‘El Jefe’ showed up next…
Iguana prepped for image transfer

prepping an iguana for image transfer…

June 25, 2013:  Two years later, my second time taking this same class, and my image choices were a lot better…

Our super instructor’s site: http://jeannekrabbendam.com/ On her site she has her paintings plus all the different workshops and courses she teaches.

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