Weekly Photo Challenge: Playing with Focus

As it appears that the only ‘in-focus/out-of-focus’ images I can capture with my little point ‘n shoot camera are ‘macro’, I have here tried to play with macro setting to see if I could produce some interesting images that are out of the standard macro mode.

Naramata grape clusters on the vine

In Naramata I shot these grape clusters on the vine. Here the foreground grapes are in focus, and the background grapes are fuzzy, a pretty standard macro image from a point ‘n shoot camera.

Naramata grape vine clusters

Here I tried to shoot a photo with a bit more distance in it using the ‘macro’ mode. The grapes in the foreground are in focus; those in the background are out of focus. This doesn’t work nearly as well as a camera with an adjustable aperture but it’s not bad….

Another attempt at using the 'macro' mode, this time featuring the grape leaves in focus in the foreground with the rest of the vinyard out-of-focus.

Another attempt at using the ‘macro’ mode, this time featuring the grape leaves in focus in the foreground, with the rest of the vinyard out of focus.

Okay, my attempts at this are not perfect but it appears that using the ‘macro’ mode while photographing non-macro photos can result in an ‘almost’ shallow focus photo – the key seeming to be that there has to be something in the foreground for the macro mode to focus on.

On the other hand, most little point ‘n shoots have a macro mode that grown-up cameras would die for! Here are some macro shots of flowers that demonstrate what a little point ‘n shoot can do if it has to.

More about this weekly photo challenge at: http://dailypost.wordpress.com/2013/08/23/weekly-photo-challenge-focus/

3 responses to “Weekly Photo Challenge: Playing with Focus

  1. Great subject 🙂
    What kind of p&s camera are you using. I bought a Lumix zs30 for our trip to France/Belgium and I love it..except in low light indoors conditions it is really horrible (or is it me?) Superb 20x Optical Zoom with leica lens.

    • a waterproof Nikon Coolpix with 5x zoom – I’m not crazy about it and it’s starting to be unfocussed at the edges so I’m looking around for something new – I might go for an Olympus waterproof (for some reason I’m always getting wet so this is a necessity). I had one before and I liked it a lot more than the Nikon. The Nikon is only medium bad in low light though…

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