Unusual Points of View at Carrillo Beach in Costa Rica

In order to find an unusual view of any trip, all I have to do is to look through my husband’s photos.

Even though we have taken dozens of trips together, I find that we rarely have any photos that are even vaguely similar. I know that although we appear to be in the same time and space, in actuality we exist in parallel universes.

Take for example this sunset view of Carrillo Beach in Costa Rica. I would have sworn that we were standing side by side on the same balcony taking the same photo. But I guess not.

My photo.
sunset view of Carillo Beach

His photo.sunset view of Carillo Beach

My photo again — I also take about three photos to his one so there are more.sunset view of Carillo Beach

Odd, I would swear that is a picture of him watching the same sunset I was watching, but how is that possible????sunset view of Carillo Beach

For more on the Weekly Photo Challenge see: http://dailypost.wordpress.com/2013/09/06/unusual/

6 responses to “Unusual Points of View at Carrillo Beach in Costa Rica

    • I actually had to search for photos that vaguely looked that they came from the same location – most of the photos were so totally different that it was impossible to see that they had been taken in the same place. In general we find one more or less matching set of photos per 1000 photos.

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