Lines of Striped Sandstone at the ‘Wave’ in Arizona

The ‘Wave’ is a striped sandstone formation, the lines of colour in the sandstone creating wave-like patterns, forming a type of sandstone surf.

If you are interested in scale, Al (featured in the photo below) is 6′ 3″.
into the 'Wave' Small scrub struggling to grow in a crack of red-striped sandstone.
strugglingsandstone surf red sandstone abstract the 'Wave' the 'Wave' For more on this Weekly Photo Challenge


11 responses to “Lines of Striped Sandstone at the ‘Wave’ in Arizona

    • There are some cool toadstool rock formations near there that I really wanted to see but you need a four-wheel drive (or a ton of stamina) to get into them. I’m definitely going back and if we don’t ‘win’ the wave lottery we’ll have to rent one of those vehicles.

  1. Such striking movement and texture in these photos. Made me want to reach out and stroke the screen. What an amazing experience it must have been to be standing in the midst of it all.

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