Mixed media painting first assignment: ‘And all I could do was remember’

A blur of golden jaguar in the jungles of Costa Rica.

The first assignment from my Mixed Media Painting classes was to do a painting inspired by the phrase, “And all I could do was remember…

The story.

We were driving in the Guanacaste jungle of Santa Rosa National Park in Costa Rica when an iguana ran directly in front of us, followed by a dark shadowy object that burst through the foliage. A jaguar!

The jaguar was as freaked to see our jeep as we were to see the jaguar. Its mouth fell open, displaying fangs worthy of the great jaguar masks of Mexico. Our mouths fell open as well.

It screamed and then somehow managed to stop mid-leap, pivot around on one foot and disappear back into the jungle without a trace. None of us managed to get our cameras out in time so the blur of golden jaguar and its iguana prey exists only as a memory…
high-contrast iguana suitable for image transfer

For the iguana prey I used a photo of El Jefe, the huge, ancient, and somewhat battered iguana that lived next door to us at Melvin’s in Ostional on Nicoya Peninsula.

For this first project we were supposed to use image transfers so I used a photo of El Jefe, an ancient iguana that I had gotten to know while in Ostional, and turned him into the ‘prey’. I placed the high contrast laser print of him on a rough pre-painting of jaguar and jungle. Note that in the transfer process, El Jefe is now reversed.

Jaguar & Iguana painting

Jaguar & iguana painting

The grassy plaster texture was applied in my second class. I think I quite like the tension between the hunter and its prey, and the blurred spots but am not sure where I am going next with this painting.

Jaguar & Iguana

Jaguar & iguana painting

Mixed Media Class Experience:

Our super instructor’s site: http://jeannekrabbendam.com/ On her site she has her work and offers lots of different workshops and courses.

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