A Word A Week Challenge: Mistake

My camera jammed and resulted in this double exposure of a cat at Finn Slough and red tulips at Queen Elizabeth Gardens.

finn slough with cat + QE gardens

I also ended up with this double exposure of a different cat at the Slough combined with what I think might be hydrangea bushes, or possibly sideways hyacinths, considering it was springtime. 

finn slough with cat + QE gardensI rather like these two photos but my big mistake was paying $100 to fix my camera! Only to have it jam on the very first picture of the very first day of our six-week trip to Japan and Vietnam. I manually rewound it again and this time it worked, sort of, but the counter was off and I had no idea where I was on the roll of film, or whether it was secretly jamming and giving me double/triple/quadruple exposures. Most of the photos did turn out but I ended up leaving the camera with my friends in Japan after I found a Ricoh for $52, that ultimately became my favourite camera until it too died.

For more about this photo challenge see: http://suellewellyn2011.wordpress.com/2013/09/23/a-word-a-week-challenge-mistake/

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