Weekly Photo Challenge: Good Morning Breakfast!

Breakfast is my favourite meal and here are some favourite breakfasts from around the world…

Naramata, Canada: Breakfast is French toast made from freshly-baked brioche filled with banana & cream cheese, slathered in mango sauce. I realize that this is a kind of ‘fusion’ dish, but I haven’t seen anything quite like it anywhere else in the world.
French Toast filled with Banana & Cream Cheese and slathered in Mango Sauce Singapore: Breakfast is two fresh-squeezed orange juices, one coffee Tarik (with a hint of caramel), and two banana pratath (roti canai) with curried dal dip – 9.50 S$ at the Tasvee Food Court, open 24 hours. Once we found this place we went there every day for breakfast! (My post about Roti Canai aka Pratath with links to ‘How to Make It’)
breakfast roti (Singapore) Breakfast in Belgium at our B&Bs usually consisted of a huge selection of cheese, ham, paté, preserves, croissants, bread, orange juice and coffee, way too big to fit in one photo, so I have selected one of our more ‘petit’ breakfasts!
Belgian breakfast at DePanne Breakfast at the Tortoni in Buenos Aires, Argentina: café con leche & medialunas, chocolate & churros…Breakfast at the Tortoni in Buenos Aires, Argentina Breakfast in Delft, Holland: the pancake house was closed so we ended up with coffee and yogurt with toppings of granola, banana, wheat germ, prunes, chocolate chips, honey and that yellow stuff!Breakfast in Delft, Holland Breakfast in Arenal, Costa Rica: eggs, queso fresco, fried plantain, dirty rice and don’t forget the wonderful Costa Rican coffee!
Breakfast in Arenal, Costa Rica Breakfast in Mexico is ‘Huevos Rancheros’, eggs in a red salsa on a warm tortilla, always a favourite of mine. Breakfast in Mexico is Huevos Rancheros Or if you are in Zacatecas, you can try this new version of a very cute breakfast burrito, whose owner dispenses licuados and juices from the terracotta jars.a new version of a very cute breakfast burrito

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