Versatile Blogger Award

I would like to thank Dish ‘n’ the Kitchen for nominating me for this award – we both love to eat and travel – and I always look forward to her posts!

versatile blogger award

This award requires that I write 7 things about me that are not generally known…

      1. When I write, the words tumble out of me all out of order, and with no rhyme or reason. Then I have to go back and put them in order. And then I have to edit, edit, edit so that they make sense. Most of my blog posts have 25+ revisions on them, and I’m no idea how many revisions I do as WordPress gives up counting after 25. This process can take months. If for some some reason I only manage to do 6 or 7 revisions before publishing, then when Al reads it he asks, “Were you drunk when you wrote this?”
      2. My original plan was to to write a blog about art and design; hence the name Albatz ‘Gallery. Somewhere I got distracted and ended up writing about what I was eating. Someone suggested that I change the name of my blog to, “What Is Elizabatz Eating Today?” I am still trying to blog about art and design.
      3. I love taking photos. I even took lots of photos before the digital era. Photos of food. Photos of pieces of rebar poking out of the sidewalk. Photos of intriguing biomass. Back when it was expensive to take silly photos of nothing. Now with digital I can take hundreds of silly photos! Plus even more food shots…

        tortilla soup in Guadalajara

        tortilla soup with all the extras, as served in Guadalajara, shot before digital cameras made food photography a lot easier.

      4. I hate accounting. Just heard on the radio, “Accounting is a fun thing to do when you run out of salt to rub in your eyes.” My feelings exactly.
      5. I just went into a business partnership with a friend. Our business is called Soleducational and we have three books to teach Spanish to adults in continuing ed classes. There is so much paperwork and accounting involved I am now wondering why anyone in their right mind would actually think about starting a business. The only fun thing was designing some new logos.

        the logo for my 'Peruvian' Modulo 2 cover

        the logo for my ‘Peruvian’ Módulo 2 cover

      6. I am very messy. I just saw an article about messy people vs. tidy people. People whose desks are tidy are less creative but more likely to make healthy food choices. Therefore, since I’m really really messy, I must be really really creative, and the candy wrappers littering my desk just might look good in a painting.

        messy office

        my messy office, after it’s been cleaned up a bit

      7. I have just retired from my job of thirty+ years but so much is happening I don’t feel retired, more like just relieved that I have enough time (almost) to deal with everything.

Also I get to nominate a bunch of other blogs for this award and my five nominations go to: : Whimsical drawings and photos along with many tempting recipes from Persian cuisine. : Jewelry, food, fascinating explorations of the world : Lots of yummy recipes that have me drooling all over my computer. : Art, photography, travel and of course food! What’s not to love? : Inspiring blog about travel and photography; great articles to go along with the beautiful photos.

4 responses to “Versatile Blogger Award

  1. So, do I have your name right: Elizabatz? I have to say, loved reading the “7 things”, so funny, and boy do I relate to most of them. I definitely hear you re the edits!

    Thank you for the delightful award and for introducing these new blogs that I’m interested in exploring. You are lovely! 🙂

    • I’m so glad there is someone else that has edits like crazy; I have since talked to a few friends and they say they just write and it comes out more or less the way they want the very FIRST time! Must be nice…

    • Forgot to mention that my name is actually Elizabeth but my friends all called me ‘Bets’. Then one friend called me Bats and it caught on like wildfire, for some reason?! I used Elizabatz just because there are a lot of Bats (and Batz) out there but there is only one Elizabatz.

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