GAC! something different from Vietnam…

GAC! Apparently this is some kind of fruit. But with a name like this who knows what it tastes like? At any rate, it ripens over December and January, and grows on a vine that looks a lot like the passionflower vine.

The fruit contains a ton of nutritional items, so many that absolutely no one bothers to mention how it tastes. It is also used to ‘colorize’ sticky rice; in the bottom photo, the rice with the orangey tone is the one ‘flavoured’ with Gac, and was slightly nutty. Anyone know anything about this fruit???
in the Mekong, an unripe Gak fruitin the Mekong, a ripe Gak fruit flavoured sticky rice More about the tropical fruits I discovered in Southeast Asia:

Tropical Fruit in the Market: Rose Apple


3 responses to “GAC! something different from Vietnam…

    • I didn’t taste the fruit. It’s apparently somewhat tasteless but is often added to sticky rice which I did try. It gives it a slightly nutty flavour, which I liked better than plain sticky rice, but not as much as the coconut rice.

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