Juxtaposition of Old with New

In Cordoba, Argentina, a juxtaposition of a gothic cathedral with a modern art gallery, and in the background the bell tower of a Spanish colonial-style church.

Cordoba, a reflection of the past in the future

Without this juxtaposition the cathedral is just another cathedral and the art gallery is kind of ugly, and not worth taking a photo of.

the Cordoba Art Gallery

The Cordoba Art Gallery. It had some interesting sculptures on the grounds below but I don’t think we would have bothered to take a photo of the building if the cathedral hadn’t been reflected in it. But maybe that’s what the architects were thinking when they designed it this way.

just another cathedral, yawn...

just another cathedral, yawn…

For more on this Weekly Photo Challenge: http://dailypost.wordpress.com/2014/01/24/photo-challenge-juxtaposition/


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