Weekly Photo Challenge: Object – Happy New Year Dragon!

Last night we went out for Mexican because we figured all the Chinese restaurants would be packed for Chinese New Year’s Eve. So my choice of an object for today’s challenge is titled: ‘Chinese New Year Dragon Carved into a Watermelon’.

I have just come back from Vietnam, and Tet, their Lunar New Year Celebration, starts on the same day. So I have prepared a New Year’s message, consisting of four fruits (objects) for everyone! Tet 2014 New Year’s Message.

Chinese New Year's Dragon Carved into a Watermelon

I love photographing the Chinese New Year celebrations in my Vancouver. I especially love eating dumplings after the parade is over. Last year’s Chinese New Year Parade in Vancouver.

And 2012’s celebration.

More about this challenge: http://dailypost.wordpress.com/2014/01/31/photo-challenge-object/

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