How They Grow Bean Sprouts in Vietnam

Part of our cooking class at the Morning Glory Cooking School in Hoi An included a bicycle tour of the countryside to see how they grew many of the ingredients that later showed up in the dishes we made. At this farm they described how they grew bean sprouts…

1. It is important to buy good quality Mung beans.
growing bean sprouts in Hoi An

2. Soak and rinse several times. The bad beans will float to the surface and can be discarded.

3. Plant in clean moist sand. The sand can only be used once for growing bean sprouts, but is then used for other purposes such as construction.
growing bean sprouts in Hoi An

4. After four days (less if it’s warm) the bean sprouts are ready to harvest.
growing bean sprouts in Hoi An

5. Rinse several times in really clean water to remove the sand and skins.
growing bean sprouts in Hoi An

6. Eat. These are really fresh bean sprouts! In fact, these bean sprouts were so fresh and so delicious they inspired me to try and grow some of my own…


8 responses to “How They Grow Bean Sprouts in Vietnam

  1. Very interesting! Persian new year with its tradition of sprouting seeds (lentil, mung beans, wheat, etc.) is right around the corner so I read this intense interest!

  2. How interesting! One of my in-laws in Huế province grows beansprouts for market, and the system is quite different. No sand involved, just water. Must be a regional thing.

    • I grew them in a jar with just water and ended up with tons of bean sprouts – I’m not really sure how they rinse all of the sand off. This was a very small ‘organic’ operation and suspect that they mostly make a living by having tourists view the gardens. They were delicious though.

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