Kayaking in Halong Bay, Vietnam

One of the real treats of Halong Bay was kayaking through the amazing karst rock formations, and then landing on a coral beach.

Our guides were extremely experienced in quickly loading a large number of people into kayaks, and not a single person made an accidental ‘wet entry’ (like me the only other time I’ve gone kayaking!)

Kayaks waiting for us to climb in…
Halong Bay, Kayaks Set Out for Our Evening Cruise I’m in the front of the kayak taking photos while Al is in the rear working, and that’s the way I like things!
Kayaking into a Halong Bay Sunset Landing on the coral beach.
Kayaks on a Beach in Halong Bay Half the rocks were coral and the other rocks looked like fragments of glaciers, very odd to see in Vietnam.
Halong Bay Coral Beach Where We Landed with our Kayaks Almost time to leave and the sun is setting in a spectacular fashion.Kayaks on a Beach in Halong Bay Heading out into the sunset.Kayaking into a Halong Bay Sunset That’s our boat in the distance, Handspan’s Treasure Junk.Kayaking Up to Our Handspan Boat No wet entries upon landing and getting back on the boat.Kayaking Up to Our Handspan Boat In November of 2003, we went on Handspan’s cruise of the karst-filled bays outside Hanoi. The three-day, two-night trip cost $67 per person and included an option of either kayaking or hiking. We choose the hiking, and it was amazing, but after we talked to some people that chose the kayaking option we wanted to do that too.

In December of 2013 we went back, determined to see if we could work out something that included cruising the bay, AND kayaking, PLUS maybe staying a few days on Cat Ba and kicking back on the beach there. Unfortunately, it was 14°C (58°F) and raining when we landed in Hanoi, with a cold snap that was expected to last a while, not exactly beach weather.

The price had gone up as well, and Cat Ba was not really on Handspan’s list of destinations anymore. So in the end we opted for the two-day, one-night tour ($160 pp) which worked out perfectly – the sun came out for the two days and we had a great time.

More on our Halong Bay cruise:

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5 responses to “Kayaking in Halong Bay, Vietnam

  1. Gorgeous photos – I haven’t had the chance to travel much at all – not to distant places – and Vietnam is one of the places I would most like to see. The 3rd & 4th photos are especially nice – I always like to see what’s underfoot – and the boats waiting for you, too.

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