Cultivated Pearl Farm in Halong Bay

On our Halong Bay cruise we made a side trip to a Cultivated Pearl Farm, where we viewed the whole procedure from its icky surgical start to the glowing pearl at the end.

Hanging from the buoys are nets containing the pearl oysters.
nets containing pearl oysters (Halong Bay, Vietnam) The welcoming committee at the Halong Bay Cultivated Pearl Farm.
the welcoming committee at the Halong Bay pearl Farm The nets containing young pearl oysters are brought into the ‘operation’ area.
Halong Bay pearl oysters Preparing the oysters to grow pearls in Halong Bay with antiseptic and some rather scary dental tools.
Halong Bay pearl oysters being prepped Cultured pearl implements, including the round coral beads that form the core of the pearl (bottom right).
cultured pearl implements, including the round coral beads at the bottom rightSelecting an oyster in which to insert a round coral bead.
selecting an oyster in which to add a round coral bead (Halong Bay, Vietnam) Ouch! Poor old oysters – I feel your pain…
injecting a round coral bead into an oysterTwo or three years later, a perfect pearl is formed. Not all oysters produce pearls; the inside of the shell has to have a pearl-like coating like this one.
the pearl in the somewhat scruffy oyster (Halong Bay, Vietnam)Leaving the cultivated pearl farm in beautiful Halong Bay.
looking out at the pearl oyster farmThere was a small shop on the pier but the prices were out of my range – still it got me thinking about making some sort of pearl necklace to remember this amazing trip.

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3 responses to “Cultivated Pearl Farm in Halong Bay

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  2. I was at the pearl farm just this past January but couldn’t understand the process our poor guide was trying to explain to us. Glad I found this!

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