Weekly Photo Challenge: Abandoned, Reworked in a Photo App

Looking at other people’s work on this challenge, I saw that by using Instagram they were able to make their photos of abandoned places look even more ancient and neglected. Add to this was the latest Daily Post article called Beyond Instagram: Photo Editing and Typography Apps that listed some photo apps to check out.

I hadn’t ever used Instagram so I thought maybe it was time to get with it. Alas, Instagram only works with Android and I have a Mac, so I moved onto Photoshop Express, as recommended in the Daily Post.

It’s a lot of fun but there sure are a lot of decisions to make! Each image seems to call for something different. I thought this boarded-up garage in Vancouver’s Chinatown worked best with the ‘Vivid Look’. (Below is another shot of the same garage with no ‘Look’ applied.)
Abandoned Garage in Chinatownan abandoned garage in Vancouver's Chinatown This abandoned log cabin seemed to ask for the ‘Dream Look’. I have more photos of this cabin, unadulterated, in WPC: Abandoned Log Cabin.imageabandoned log cabin in the hills This other cabin wanted a cold ‘Winter Look’. ‘Winter’ was really, really cold, so I did some fiddling around with ‘Temperature’ (warmer), ‘Exposure’ (higher) and ‘Contrast’ (higher) to achieve this result. A slightly different original shows the un-retouched lighting.
imagecold winter in snow countryThis abandoned cross guarding a neglected grave in Costa Rica went all ‘Misty’ on me, even though the original (further below) was fairly desaturated and monochrome to start with.
image an abandoned cross and neglected grave in Ostional, Costa Rica Finally these two shots of a ghost village in India. The top one had the ‘Dream Look’ applied, and the bottom one had ‘Vivid Look’ applied. There are more photos of this village, unretouched, in WPC: Abandoned Village.
abandoned village in India I also added a ‘Vignette Black’ and ‘Film Emulsion’ edge to all the photos, although the edge shows up better on a black background.
For more on this challenge: http://dailypost.wordpress.com/2014/02/28/photo-challenge-abandoned/

5 responses to “Weekly Photo Challenge: Abandoned, Reworked in a Photo App

  1. I really enjoyed looking at your various versions of the same picture. I spent about an hour working on my one abandoned cabin in Photoshop and it probably could have been done much more quickly with another app. Oh well. It’s all fun just the same. Love your work.

    • Actually all of the photos in this post had had time spent on photoshopping them BEFORE I put them through the Express ‘Looks’. But this evening, while watching TV, I put a bunch of unphotoshopped photos through Express, and they also turned out more interesting than the originals. I think it finally depends on what kind of story you want to tell about the images.

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