Night Moves in District 1 in Saigon, Vietnam

Saigon’s District 1 is a labyrinth of intriguing warrens where everyone lives their lives out in the open. At night one can sit at a small bar and watch as life carries on at a breakneck speed around you…

Sitting in the Ba Ba Bar, watching the night life of Saigon flash by…
Saigon Night LightsEveryone cooing over the baby.
Saigon Night Action in District 1 I think these same guys were sitting there three days ago as well; the only action on their part is the blur of beer glasses.
Saigon Night Action in District 1 I have half a dozen photos of this little boy who amused himself by posing for our cameras.
Saigon Night Action in District 1 Father and daughter speed through the night.
Saigon Night Action in District 1 The bicycle vendor of hot soup. Most bars don’t have food, but they will summon anything you want from people and places that do.
Saigon Night Action in District 1 As we leave the bar in search of food we pass the neon lights of District 1 reflected in this shiny vehicle.
Neon Reflections in Saigon At the park across from the warren a New Year’s celebration was going on. This grey military man appeared at the edge of my photo like a ghost.HCMC Nights: the Gray Military ManWe went to the Taj Mahal Cafe twice. It was located down one of the many alleyways, and we had some really good conversations and food there.the Taj Mahal Cafe in HCMC, VietnamMore on our December 2013 trip to Vietnam.

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