They should call it addictomatic…

I just discovered Photoshop Express and quickly become addicted to photo ‘apping’ my pictures. What a nightmare! I have over 5000 photos to sort through just from my last trip, and thanks to this app I’ve ended up revisiting a bunch of photos that I thought I had finished with.

And now I find out that there are even more photo apps out there: Instamatic, Hipstamatic, etc, etc. At this rate I will NEVER get through editing all my photos!

So here’s Tu Duc’s Tomb revisited:

The day we visited Tu Duc’s Tomb the lighting was grey and flat, not especially great for photography. But since we were on motorcycles we were just thankful it wasn’t pouring.

The outer grounds of the tomb had been abandoned to time and the creeping jungle. The magical ‘Dream Look’ makes the feeling of wandering through some lost archeological site come alive. The ‘Dream Look’ is probably my favourite look/filter, but it doesn’t work for everything.Tu Duc's Tomb in Hue, Vietnam the Outer Grounds at Tu Duc's Tomb in Hue, VietnamThe Grounds at Tu Duc Tomb in Hue, VietnamThe Grounds at Tu Duc Tomb in Hue, Vietnam One room was full of royal costumes to rent so that you could pretend to be ’emperor for a day’. The costumes were all brightly-coloured and new. The dream look made them too dark. I seem to prefer them as faded memories, from applying the ‘Memory Look’. An interesting note: I had several costume shots and this was the only one that was ‘improved’ by applying a filter/look. Silk Kimonos at Tu Duc's Tomb in Hue, VietnamI thought the ‘Dream Look’ would work for this shot, but the pavilion seemed to prefer the heightened reality of the ‘Bueno Look’. Pavilion at Tu Duc's Tomb in Hue, VietnamHow Tu Duc’s Tomb looks, unfiltered…

PS. I went for PhotoShop Express because I couldn’t figure out how to get Instagram to work on my Mac. Apparently it can be done, but now I’m afraid that if I get into it I will never be able to get out! Photoshop Express is free, and I found it easier to set up than Instagram too.


5 responses to “They should call it addictomatic…

  1. haha…good luck with that. Once you start you never seem to finish…are the originals really that bad? 🙂
    Is this a phase and in twenty years are you going to look back and say….wow so obviously apped! I don’t know. I think about odd things like this too much!

    • Actually I’ve found out that you need relatively well-exposed photos with relatively good composition to ‘app’ them.

      It probably is just a trend, just like HDR (high dynamic range) is a trend. That said, my eye still drawn to the HDR and apped photos over the unapped.

      • oh yes…you misunderstood me. of course your photos are well done. Sometimes I just think simple is better and there is no need to improve upon the best.
        i keep on thinking about food photos from the ’70’s and how they were styled and photographed. They have a particular feel to them which of course was the style at the time. I can’t believe people want to use a filter like that again. Just my two cents. I’m not anti app….I post my fair share of doctored images for sure!

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