Photo Challenge – Round(s) of Tea

A tea ceremony with rounds of compressed tea, and rounds of tea drinking, at the Tea Heritage House in Melaka, Malaysia.

tea ceremony tea with rounds of compressed teaThis celebration of tea consisted of two parts: a tea ceremony followed by a puppet show.

The tea was a type of oolong, only green. We savoured our first round of tea, full of subtle aromas and tastes, while chatting with Tina, our lovely tea hostess. She was a fascinating lady and a wonderful respite from relentless sightseeing in the steamy heat of Melaka.
Tina, our tea ceremony hostess Then Tina poured more hot water on the grounds, and the flavours grew STRONGER with every round of hot water. Up to this point in time, I had always thought tea grew WEAKER the more water you poured on it! This was a very special tea indeed.Tea Ceremony: the Third Pour The puppet show came on while we were attempting to drink our now incredibly strong tea. The puppet show and tea ceremony were a unique experience, and I would highly recommend taking it in if you ever happen to spend some time in Melaka!

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Ailsa’s Travel Theme is also ‘Round’ this week and this works for this as well:


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