Travel Theme: Round Containers of Unknown Street Foods

Even though I love eating, I am sometimes such a coward when it comes to trying unfamiliar food. So this post should really be titled: All Sorts of Street Food in Rangoon that I Didn’t Eat, Served up in Round Containers. Does anyone know what these various food items are?

Unknown meat being cooked in an unknown broth, along with some hard-boiled eggs..
Yangon street food: unknown meat being cooked in an unknown brothI’m not sure what they are cooking up in this monastery. I know that they have some sort of pickled tea salad in Burma that is quite popular. But this doesn’t really look like tea. What is it???
not sure what they are cooking in this Yangon monastry Now this looks good. Like some sort of fruit that you can eat fresh or cooked up in chile peppers. Fruit and chile peppers? I kind of regret not trying this.
Yangon street food: unknown fruits (?) Here’s a cold drink complete with a dead fly. I don’t regret not trying this; iced drinks can be iffy.
In the Yangon market: a cold drink complete with dead flySome of these fruits and vegetables are familiar and some are not. I wish I knew what those green things floating in water on the lower left were.
Yangon street food: some of which are unknown Huge flatbread wraps being cut in half.
huge bread wraps (?) being cut in half (Yangon, Myanmar) Some type of deep fried puff – it looks pretty good and judging from the line-up, seemed to be very popular.
Yangon street food: some type of deep fried puff Betel leaves, arrayed in a basket, for sale. This isn’t exactly food but now I wish I’d tried it at least once.The ancient tradition of chewing paan is still alive and well in Myanmar, but who knows for how much longer…
betel leaves arranged for purchase, to follow the ancient tradition of chewing paanMy mom always said that later in life the only things you really regret are the things you didn’t do, and this street food mostly qualifies…

Ailsa’s Travel Theme is ‘Round’ this week:

5 responses to “Travel Theme: Round Containers of Unknown Street Foods

  1. Reblogged this on Bow and Arrow Food and commented:
    I am a brave eater. I often order off foreign language menus by choosing something totally unknown and untranslatable to me.

    So I wish I had been in Myanmar with my good friend Albatz to act as her official taster

  2. I always found it easier to try new things after a trip to the market and talking to vendors about how their weirdly wonderful produce should be cooked. Somethow that helped with visualising flavours! Betel leaves make an interesting wrap, instead of grape leaves, for finger food!

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