Blogging 201: Day Six

As I had already done most of suggestions for bringing archived material back to life, I spent the bulk of my time today trying to rearrange my ‘primary menu’ (top navigation bar) to make it easier to find older posts by topic.

I added Asian Holiday to my top navigation bar, and then added drop downs for Vietnam and Myanmar as they both had a lot of posts. I did the same with European Vacation, adding drop downs with Belgium and France. I can’t quite figure out how to break down my Mexico plus page… I’m thinking maybe: Mexican Food by Category (is this the right word? by Category I mean Drinks, Appetizers, Soup, Salads, etc.); Mexican Food by Region;  Travelling in Mexico; Central America; and The Caribbean.

This takes forever because it requires manually adding almost all my posts as links. It’s still a work in progress but what do you think so far?

rearranged primary menu

The other thing I did was change the ‘showcase’ on my home page to feature a single topic, in this case, the food of Veracruz, something I posted eons ago (well, a year ago, but that’s eons in social media time).

I’m writing how I did this because for once it was easy, and I want to remember what I did. I’m using the Oxygen Theme for this so I’m not sure if it works for all Themes with a ‘Features’ option.

First I got rid of my old sticky posts…

  1. Go to All Posts and select Sticky.
  2. Go to Bulk Actions, select Edit and hit Apply.
  3. Make them all Unsticky.

With nothing sticky I just ended up with a Home Page with Recent Articles at the top. So now to make my new feature posts sticky.

  1. Go to All Posts and select Published.
  2. Go to Search and type in the the name of what you want to feature, in this case ‘Veracruz’.
  3. Select six posts for your feature (NOTE: Oxygen uses six posts but this number can vary by theme.)
  4. Go to Bulk Actions, select Edit and hit Apply.
  5. Make all six posts Sticky.

There was still more adjusting to do – only three of my posts showed up in the ‘Showcase’ but when I went back and checked, it turned out that the oldest posts only had ‘Feature Images’ that were 600 px wide and the Showcase seemed to require 800 px minimum width. Once I re-edited the Feature Images to be 800 pixels wide they all showed up in the Showcase. I couldn’t find any way to adjust the order – they seem to come up in the order that I posted them, with the most recent post showing up first.

Here is the result:VeracruzFoodFeature

3 responses to “Blogging 201: Day Six

  1. Looks great, but seems like really tedious work. How about tagging all Belgium posts “Belgium”, then opening the tag page, and linking that to the drop-down? That’s how I did mine!

    • I tried this with my Thai posts as there were apparently 16 posts, and it is definitely a LOT easier. However the results are the same as what you get when you click on category, and I was trying to create a different way to search by country. So it’s back to tedious (and yes it is VERY tedious) method of linking for now. By the way, I like the way it works for your blogs as it highlights different aspects of your posts. I think it might work well for my new art blog, but first I have to write some posts for it. Thanks!

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