Blogging 201: Day Seven: Twitter Trauma!

This post starts off with a rant. I had already attempted some Social Media connections with my Albatz Blog, so I thought I’d turn my attention to my new spin-off blog: Elizabatz.

I started with Twitter, only to discover that ‘elizabatz’ was taken. I went to the Twitter site that dared to use my NAME, and discovered that it was brand new, not a single tweet, followee or follower. In other words, this person saw my name and stole it!

To say I was peeved was an understatement. It got worse.

When I finally calmed down I decided that I would call my Twitter site ‘elizabatzgallery’. Only it turns out that there are too many letters in this handle.

I feel like a victim of identity theft and it’s not a good feeling. Really suffering from heavy-duty Twitter trauma.

Five hours later: I have calmed down again, slightly. I must admit that Twitter is not my forte. It requires someone who can sum things up in a succinct and witty 140(?) characters, and I do tend to ramble on.

So I registered my Twitter account as elizabatzjensen, made up a Pinterest site for ‘elizabatz’, and discovered that I had already accidentally used elizabatz jensen for Youtube. (When you have too many accounts, you sometimes end up publishing from the wrong place.)

Also I registered, thanks to artymaz who told me that the option of registering a domain name with WordPress for $18.85 was in the dashboard.   (I could only find the $1000 plus options) eliabatz gallery And some calming words from Michelle of WordPress: There are tons of folks on Twitter whose handles don’t exactly match their websites — not ideal, but also not uncommon. (Heck, there are even celebrities who can’t get their own names on Twitter!) I wouldn’t worry too much about it.

So now I’m back to my primary site: Albatz…

This is the post to the Commons I wrote earlier, before my Twitter trauma, along with some of the helpful replies:

I currently auto-’publicize’ to both a Facebook ‘Business/Fan’ page ( and a Twitter account ( Apart from auto-publicizing, I often share my posts on Facebook with my personal account, but the only traffic coming to my blog from Facebook is from my friends, NOT my Business/Fan page. I don’t really use Twitter at all. And now that I look at my twitter page, I see a big problem in that my name ‘albatz’ was taken so I had to use ‘albatzgallery’. Since I’ve changed my blog name to Albatz Travel Adventures so this doesn’t really work. Do I now create a new Twitter account called albatztraveladventures? I only have 10 followers so I won’t be losing much.

Some helpful hints from other bloggers: From sunburntback Under >settings >account on twitter you can change your @name (username) to whatever you want it to be which saves you setting up a new account. Another thing is that the auto-publicize send each post twice.

From EAT ALL FRESH I am on both twitter and facebook. Just recently started using twitter, so bit weak with the functionality. Found some similar pages, these are now following us. I have made my header page consistent on all platforms. Just have to change google + . One trick I do is ask some friends to share my posts on facebook. Twitter is bit slow to get around but have to sit more on it to get more people following. The good news is with every post on twitter I am getting two new followers, but no tweets yet. Good luck. Have to read on how to use twitter effectively. Maybe have to take a friend’s help.

I am hoping Blogging201 gets more into this more tomorrow.

3 responses to “Blogging 201: Day Seven: Twitter Trauma!

  1. if you know that twitter isn’t your forte due to the character limits, why continue and open an account? just curious.

    • because I’ve read so many people that say that once they’d mastered Twitter their blog views expanded exponentially. I was hoping for the chance to try it out at some future date, and under an identity that wasn’t fragmented by half a dozen different handles….

      • makes sense.
        good luck!

        ps: i had a similar situation happen when setting up my biz twitter account. i alleviated it by eliminating a vowel. you learn how to condense very quickly! 😉

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