Blogging 201: Day Eight

This task is about creating a social media schedule for the next thirty days. I am going to try and up the ante on both Facebook and Twitter.

But first something odd.

I currently auto-’publicize’ to both Facebook and Twitter, but I just noticed that each of my posts show up twice in Twitter, as if WordPress has sent them out twice. They both have slightly different urls.

twitter posts twice

Oh! Just realized what’s happening. Facebook also automatically sends everything I post to it to Twitter. I don’t remember setting that up, but I am always being asked about connecting to other sites, and at some point I obviously said yes. Anyway, now I know that if I perk up my Facebook page I will also perk up my Twitter page. And I will delink the Twitter auto-publicize from WordPress since I don’t need a post appearing twice at the same time.

As far as Facebook goes, it looks like I should take a lesson from my personal site where I share anything that catches my eye. Well, maybe I won’t be sharing my favourite funny cat ones, but certainly more travel and food posts from people other than myself.

So I just checked my personal site, and what do I find but some cute cat posts that I think qualify for a travel theme!

So these count, eh?

From a Thai friend a popular ‘Cat’ Page from Thailand. It’s in Thai, but there’s lots of pictures to tell the story:

Here’s a wonderful lion cub rescue from the Daily Mail:

Once I posted them on Facebook they both showed up on Twitter.

Simple plan for the moment is just to share travel-related posts other than mine, whenever I see one that qualifies!

Day Eight Class:

3 responses to “Blogging 201: Day Eight

  1. I’m enjoying reading along with your projects during this Blogging 201 class and today’s post is timely. I really need to look adding new content to my blog’s FB page too. 🙂

    • Did you link to the class itself? I think you can see it even it you haven’t enrolled, and Michelle of WordPress gives a lot of hints about different ways you can up the ante on your Facebook page. I just chose the easiest for me right now.

      • I did link to it, just haven’t had enough time to take up the daily challenges… I’m writing a lot of notes for future projects though. 🙂 I’ll take a look at the FB tips though, thanks!

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