Blogging 201: Day Nine

I have just run into some big problems making my identity consistent across social media, and have more questions than answers at the moment. I have marked the questions in bold italic with ???? in front of them.

This stems from the fact that I originally wanted my blog to be a gallery for my photos and paintings but ended up getting distracted by writing about food and traveling. On Day One of this course I decided that I should split my blog in two, and create a new blog for my art stuff. That part was easy and now I have two blogs: Albatz Travel Adventures and Elizabatz Gallery.

Anyway problem no. 1 in regard to my new split personality, and one that WordPress can probably help me with, is that I decided to register ‘Elizabatz’ as ‘’ with WordPress.

???? Only now my Albatz Travel Adventures shows up as and my Elizabatz Gallery shows up as I would prefer my Elizabatz Gallery to be and my Albatz Travel Adventures to be Hopefully this is an easy fix, please, please, please!


Getting a lot of reaction to my splintered identity. This seems to be problem for anyone who wants to split their blog in two. Below are my questions re: splitting up my blog, and below that are comments (and more questions) from others on the Commons.

???? Is there an easy way to change this? Who do I contact?

Question number 2:  I just liked and commented on a post about jewelry but this ‘like’ and comment should really be coming from my Gallery blog, and not my Travel Adventures blog.

???? Where exactly do any likes (and follows) that I do come from? How do I split them apart?

My blogs are Albatz Travel Adventures: and Elizabatz Gallery:

???? Will a new Gravatar allow me to do this? Or do I need to do several somethings? And if so what are they?

FROM WORDPRESS: You can’t currently do that on When you comment, you comment as your username, with a link to whatever blog you have set to be your primary blog. If you want different personas, you need separate accounts.

And Part II of this answer: If you want to move custom domains among sites you already have registered, submit a help request or post in the support thread here — Happiness Engineers can help out with that.

The home cook says:

I would love to see an answer to this. How can we split identities (ie create 2 gravatars for two separate blogs) if they were originally on the one account? It is a problem I might be about to face.

Amy Juicebox says:

I unfortunately don’t think so.
When you log into wp and hit my blogs, they are all created by/administered by the same person.
so unless you create a separate wp account, with different email and such – the main identity is going to translate across all your blogs.
i found this out when i created a blog for a friend of mine.
i could be wrong though. says:

I can’t answer helpfully yet- but I’m having trouble with ‘tangled identities’ too. Old names and email addresses pop up where they shouldn’t!

and more from foundfootageblog:

I think Amy Juicebox is right- I got the same answer from a WordPress tech help person yesterday. He said you had to create a totally different WordPress account. I have gone in and changed emails, usernames, etc. but it never works consistently. I’m too tired to sit down and figure it out- I think it will take a few hours- there’s the About Me and Gravatars that have to be consistent too.

And again from Amy Juicebox:

what a tangled web.

here’s what i might suggest: consolidate. re-create ONE identity, have both topics on the same blog (pages help to delineate topics) and make your brand of you consistent everywhere.

if you are this confuddled, think of your readers! who to like. who to follow. who to reply to. are you two different people etc…

somethings may not be changable. other’s may be. im not a blogging expert by any means but reading your posts throughout the day makes me strongly suggest taking a step back and starting not necessarily from scratch – but re-assess what you are doing.

you created a second blog because the first ended up what you didn’t expect to be – which is great! but now i feel this splinter is running you instead of you running it!


Part of today’s assignment was to create a ‘where else in the web’ page so that people can find you wherever you happen to be. This is great for me because right now I have no idea where I am. Just trying to put this page together is helping me to untangle my identities. Sort of.

elizabatz gallery header

Here is my elizabatz set-up so far…

WordPress: (but I want to change this to


???? Facebook is telling me that I have a Community Page and Community Pages do not have insights available to them. I’m almost certain I ticked the artist box so I don’t know how I happened to end up with a Community Page. The ‘This is Incorrect’ Button isn’t working so not sure what to do. And exhausted. Any ideas?

???? Just by having a gmail account I somehow ended up being in Google Circles as Elizabatz Jensen and accidentally posting a video on Youtube as Elizabatz Jensen as well. But does Google Circles have a business-type page like Facebook?

An answer from Michelle W. of WordPress:

Yes, you can create fan/business pages — head here:


Albatz is better. Only one question, and I’ve already asked it above (Q # 1). So here is where to find the personality known as AlBatz:

???? WordPress: but I want to change this back to See question no. 1 

Obviously my Facebook page needs a redo but that seems really easy compared to everything else I tried to do today!

Obviously my Facebook page needs a redo but that seems really easy compared to everything else I tried to do today!

Day Nine Blogging 201:



3 responses to “Blogging 201: Day Nine

  1. I feel much the same. I blog on Google Blogger and have always done so under my Parrothead nickname, Snowparrot, but when I filled in at Eye on the Trials, people thought Snowparrot wasn’t serious enough! So now all my blogs are under Barb Collishaw. Here’s the most active one:

  2. Thank you for your visit. I would like to see how the issue will be resolved. So that we all will learn from it. I too have two blog with one avatar.

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