Blogging 201 : Day Ten

Day 10 is about being part of a community of people with similar interests, primarily by having a Blogroll, making well thought-out comments and having a comment policy.

But I am totally worn out from yesterday, where I was frantically trying to make Social Media connections for two blogs when I’m not particularly good at handling the ones I already had.

Amy Juicebox of [now a word or two] gave me this timely bit of advice:

what a tangled web.

here’s what i might suggest: consolidate. re-create ONE identity, have both topics on the same blog (pages help to delineate topics) and make your brand of you consistent everywhere.

if you are this confuddled, think of your readers! who to like. who to follow. who to reply to. are you two different people etc…

somethings may not be changable. other’s may be. im not a blogging expert by any means but reading your posts throughout the day makes me strongly suggest taking a step back and starting not necessarily from scratch – but re-assess what you are doing.

you created a second blog because the first ended up what you didn’t expect to be – which is great! but now i feel this splinter is running you instead of you running it!

good luck and keep us posted!

So now I am taking a step back and thinking a bit about how I am going to proceed with my two blogs. And maybe having a nap. 


I did my five comments assignment the next day and I tried to make all of them relatively intelligent. I suppose they were pretty good because everyone replied back with comments of their own, and to me that’s better than when all they say is ‘Thank You’.

I decided not to do a blog roll for Albatz Travel. But I might do one for Elizabatz Gallery. Sometime in the far off future.

No comment policy for either blog.

Day 10 Assignment:

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