Blogging 201: Day Twelve

On Day One I made a big decision to split my blog in two, but managed to create such a tangled (mangled) identity I was in despair.

Today’s assignment is to create a poll. One of my big questions was about being able to have separate Gravatars to represent my two different blogs. It turns out that this isn’t possible – although I may be wrong here, if so let me know!!!

So my poll is about which Gravatar do you think best represents BOTH my AlBatz Travel Adventure Blog AND my Elizabatz Gallery Blog. Supposedly one can add images to the poll, but this option isn’t showing up for me, so here they are: 1, 2, 3, and 4 with the poll below.


8 responses to “Blogging 201: Day Twelve

  1. I”ve voted, but I don’t think a of poll of one will help you too much. More will join in hopefully. Great poll by the way and the photos work really well 🙂 I have had 9 so far with mine.

    • Holy smokes! I’m a retired old-school designer who has been designing logos for over 40 years, but ‘brand recognition’ is a relatively new term that I don’t quite understand. Whatever, it seems like the new design (branding) is a lot like that old design (solid logos that can adapt to a variety of a different uses). This poll has been an eye-opener for me. Not a single person voted for anything else!

  2. I voted for #3 but you need to crop it much closer to your heads and get rid of the shadows. (You can do that at PicMonkey.) We want to see your smiling faces.

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