‘Weird and Wacky Foods’ from Vietnam

“Now let’s try out this section ‘Weird and Wacky Foods’ which contain some popular street foods such as jellyfish, silk worms, pork belly and snails!”

This was Ms Vy introducing us to the next stage in our Morning Glory Cooking Class and we were already quite full. The cooking portion of the class hadn’t even started yet and so I opted to try only the Pork Belly (which was like Chinese BBQ Pork and yummy) and the Jellyfish Salad.

I was curious if the jellyfish was the slightly slimy item I had once eaten topping a piece of sushi. But it wasn’t slimy at all, the texture reminding me of a perfect dill pickle and crunchy. I’m not sure of the flavour for the salad also contained a mass of herbs, chiles, peanuts and ingredients that made for a delicious dish, one that I would eat again.
Jellyfish salad I let other people try the Silkworm Stirfry — okay, yes, I was slightly squeamish of these grub-like things. Those braver than me said that they had a creamy texture, and the stir fry was tasty. Silkworm stirfry I also skipped the Snails with Lemongrass. I’ve love snails, and although these smelled delicious, I wanted to leave room for the upcoming main courses!
Steamed Snails in Lemongrass These Snails with Lemongrass and Chiles are also found in Cambodia, proving that this popular snack has extended far beyond Vietnam.
Snails with Lemongrass and ChilesThese little banana-leaf-wrapped bundles weren’t in the Weird and Wacky section but maybe they should have been!
Banana-leaf-wrapped bundles of fermented pig's earHmmm, Fermented Pig Ear, I’ve always wondered what they taste like!Banana-leaf-wrapped bundles of fermented pig's earI’ve probably done a dozen posts on Ms Vy’s Morning Glory Cooking Class – it was the highlight of my 2013 trip to Vietnam and one I would recommend to everyone who visits the city. 

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