Weekly Photo Challenge: Japanese Food as a Work of Art

I don’t usually think of food as a work of art. But when I was in Japan it seemed like all food was a work of art. Even the breakfast omelette would have looked good hanging on the wall. And the sushi!

Pressed sushi. pressed sushiFruit sushi. fruit sushi A close-up of my sketch of this dish, plus notes on what I was eating.Drawings and Notes on the Fruit Sushi at AJisai Flying fish sushi platter – I just love the variety of pinky oranges contrasting with the variety of yellowy-greens. flying fish sushi With this menu I didn’t know whether to eat it or paint it! So I tried to do both… sushi at Asijai Even the components of Japanese food are like art. Here’s a simple bowl of miso soup with squares of tofu next to a square of nori seaweed. This looks to me like a painting waiting to happen. 11jnJapCookMisoSoupNori9498wFaAs I made up some sushi I was wondering if I could add these seaweed squares to a mixed-media painting I was working on. What a wonderful texture, sheen, colour. But possibly too smelly? 11jnnoriseaweedSquaresw This shiso leaf has both an interesting taste and shape. I have put leaves on paintings, so this might work! 11jnshisoLeafJapherbwThanks to Sustainabilitea who just reminded me of the beauty of Japanese desserts. Here are a couple of them:

Orange filled with Agar Jelly and Strawberry Mochi

Oranges filled with orange agar jelly and mochi (tender pastry) filled with sweet red bean paste and strawberries

Maccha (Green Tea) & Chocolate Daifuku.
Maccha (Green Tea) & Chocolate Daifuku
For more on this challenge: http://dailypost.wordpress.com/dp_photo_challenge/work-of-art/

11 responses to “Weekly Photo Challenge: Japanese Food as a Work of Art

  1. Wow! I loved all your photos. Especially the last one. Feeling hungry now, seeing your photos now…!!!! Hehehe!!! Do visit my blogs also and let me know how did you like them. Thanks.

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