Oranges from Around the World

As I was putting this post together I realized that people do a lot of different things with oranges other than just eat them, and this is really dependant on the culture. In Belgium, the country famous for chocolate, they dip them in chocolate, and in Spain, a country famous for wine, they add them to the wine. Here are some interesting things to do with oranges from around the world.

Chocolate-dipped oranges in a shop in Brugges, Belgium. Chocolate-dipped oranges in a shop in Brugge, Belgium How to make Spanish sangría with Valencia oranges. SangriaOne way of serving orange gelatin, Japanese-style. orange jelly and strawberry dumplings In Mexico, they love chile on everything, even oranges. chile on oranges Fresh-squeezed orange juice with our roti canai for breakfast every day in Singapore. breakfast roti (Singapore)Making Scottish marmalade with bitter oranges (Seville). making Scottish marmalade with Seville orangesFrance does some subtle things with oranges, like making ice cream from the orange blossoms, or turning the oranges themselves into stunning liqueurs like Grand Marnier or Contreau.  Rhone Valley Rosé with Chocolate Cake and Orange Blossom Ice Cream In Vietnam they make candied kumquats, one way to turn this very sour orange fruit into something edible. Candied Kumquat from our Cooking Class in Hoi An For more on this ‘Word a Week’ challenge:

3 responses to “Oranges from Around the World

  1. What a wonderful – and beautiful – post! Now I have to go and eat something with an orange… I especially love the look of the Singapore breakfast so I’m also going to investigate how to make the coffee and the roti.

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