Weekly Photo Challenge: A Room in Jaisalmer

Mostly I don’t worry about my hotel room when I travel, tending to pick the best value over atmosphere. But once in a while the best value just happens to be a room where you can travel into another time and place….

Meet the Hotel Suraj in Jaisalmer, India, a crumbling palace, but still elegant despite the plastic garbage can and chair, despite the 60s op art sheets….
Hotel Suraj in Jaisalmer (India) A balcony to while away the day and have a cup of chai. One time we passed a tour group who had stopped in front of our hotel. “500 years old,” said the guide, ” look you can see how it’s crumbling,” as he pointed out our balcony where I had spent many an afternoon.
our balcony at the Suraj My favourite place to lounge with a good book (Midnight’s Children) on a hot afternoon in this desert city.
Jaisalmer Hotel Suraj A tiny detail spotted on the way down the highly uneven stairs. The stairs were deliberately designed this way in order to trip up any burglars or assassins attempting to make their way up into the bedrooms. At this point in time, the only people tripping in the dark were us tourists, especially since the power went out in the town from midnight until ten-ish the next morning.
Jaisalmer Hotel SurajFor more on this challenge:

11 responses to “Weekly Photo Challenge: A Room in Jaisalmer

  1. Very, very, very cool! I have always wanted to see Jaisalmer. This hotel looks awesome, wish they would really renovate it and preserve its ancient beauty! Great find.

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  3. Wow!! I’m gonna keep this in mind the name of this hotel if I get to Jaisalmer one day…

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