The Gin/Genever Museum in Hasselt, Belgium

The Gin (Genever) Museum in Hasselt made the production of gin look like a mad scientist’s chemistry experiment.

There we learned that words starting with ‘al’ or ‘el’ usually derive from Arabic. These include such words as elixir, alchemy, and the greatest result of alchemy (for me at least), alcohol.
the Gin Museum painting on alchemy in Hasselt, BelgiumA lot of the equipment looks like it comes from a middle age torture chamber.
the Gin Museum copper still in Hasselt, BelgiumThese appear to be well-aged gins.
the Gin Museum flasks in Hasselt, BelgiumThis lab looks a tad more modern. I thought all gins were flavoured with juniper berries, but Belgians like to add an array of spices, woods, peel, herbs and other flavourings to their gin as well their beer.
the Gin Museum chemistry in Hasselt, BelgiumOkay, this is pretty modern chemistry: a gin molecule!
the chemistry of alcohol at the Gin Museum in Hasselt, BelgiumThere was some discussion of gin as a social evil...
the Gin Museum painting in Hasselt, Belgium…just before we go to the tasting room.
the Gin Museum bartender in Hasselt, BelgiumOur ticket price included a sample of gin. I had one flavoured with cassis; Al’s was flavoured with anise. I’ve always paired my ‘juniper’ gin with tonic water – maybe it’s time to get more adventurous.
our gins served to us at the Gin Museum in Hasselt, BelgiumThe Gin Museum sign.
the Gin Museum sign in Hasselt, BelgiumOur trip to Belgium, more or less following the Beer (and Gin!) Route.
Gin Drink in the SunI have just learned that today is World Gin Day! If you are up to your ears in rhubarb like me, here’s a rhubarb and gin cocktail that will use some of it up.

This is part of our three-week trip more or less along the Belgian Beer Route.

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