Travel Theme: Fresh Seafood on Lamma Island, near Hong Kong

Lamma Island is a kind of ‘hippie’ enclave only a short ferry ride away from Hong Kong. If you want organic greens and super fresh seafood this is the place to go!

There is a pathway that meanders across the island passing by small sandy beaches and rocky cliffs, with a fishing village, seafood restaurants and ferries at either end of the walk. Lamma Island fishing village at the end of our walk One of the seafood restaurants in this small fishing village had dozens of tanks of live seafood, brought in by the many fishing boats in the vicinity.really fresh fish at a fish cafe on Lamma Island really fresh fish at a fish cafe on Lamma IslandUnfortunately we were almost at the end of our Hong Kong dollars with no ATMs in sight. After counting all our money, we found we could just squeeze in the lunch ‘special’, consisting of clams in black bean sauce; a scallop each, also in black bean sauce; deep-fried squid in salt and pepper butter; prawns in garlic butter; rice; an orange each and two Tsing Tsao beers, all included in the price of 198 HK$. All of the seafood was the freshest I have ever tasted! really fresh scallop at a fish cafe on Lamma Island The view from the seafood café. View from the fish cafe on Lamma IslandAfter this magnificent feast we had to dig through our pockets to come up with enough change to catch the ferry back…

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4 responses to “Travel Theme: Fresh Seafood on Lamma Island, near Hong Kong

  1. I have been there and they have interesting specimen in their holding tanks. I don’t know if they are all fresh catch of the day but you know they just came out of the water before they were cooked.

    • They may have been in the tanks awhile, but they were definitely alive and swimming just before being put in the pot. I love seafood, and this counts as the freshest seafood I have had in a restaurant, ever!

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