Blueberry & Blue Cheese Summer Salad

I went shopping along Main St. and came home with blueberries (two baskets for $3!) as well as a big wad of crumbly Gorgonzola ($5). Inspired by the superb salad, ‘Salad with Bleu de Bresse Cheese and Grilled Walnuts’ in my Rhone Valley Cooking Class, I put together this variation of a summer salad.

This ‘blue’ salad consists of spinach, toasted walnuts (but you can use pecans), sunflower seeds, blueberries, celery and crumbled blue cheese, in this case a crumbly Gorgonzola. I cheated a bit with the dressing; it was a raspberry & white balsamic vinaigrette from President’s Choice, but it went perfectly.
blueberry & blue cheese spinach salad with toasted walnuts & raspberry vinaigrette

In my French cooking class we would have plated this salad by artfully arranging two Belgian endive leaves, then adding the tossed salad topped by a small amount of crumbled blue cheese (set aside earlier) and chopped chives.

This is great either as a side salad for grilled steak, or as a meal itself with some crusty bread and butter, and perhaps a coarse paté. Al decided it would be perfect to take to the next summer potluck BBQ and it was very popular!


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