Weekly Photo Challenge: Zigzag Stairways in Rajasthan

Some of the stairways in India make their way unevenly upwards without anything to hold on to. Here are some perilous stairs around Rajasthan in northern India.

The zigzagging stairs up the orange wall at Amber Fort, Jaiper.
Amber Fort StairwayThese stairs are in a village near Jaisalmer. Often the stairs were made deliberately uneven so that in the dark of the night, thieves (and tourists) would stumble loudly enough on their way up to the bedrooms to wake up the upstairs occupants.
stairs in village outside JaisalmerAnother set of stairs in the same village.
Abandoned Village just outside Jaisalmer, IndiaOf course, I don’t think I would actually attempt any of these stairs; that’s something better left to the crazy monkeys!
Monkey Racing Down the Stairs at Bundi Fort For more on this challenge: http://dailypost.wordpress.com/dp_photo_challenge/zigzag/

25 responses to “Weekly Photo Challenge: Zigzag Stairways in Rajasthan

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  2. You have posted photos of some of the visually appealing and colorful staircases. Rajastahn is as usual always so colorful and glittery. These are really perilous and often require concentration while climbing up or down. But however dangerous they may be, they make for the perfect post. 🙂

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