Travel Theme: Merchandise at Chittor’s Market

Chittor’s tiny market is a sea of brilliantly-coloured merchandise in a drab land.

If it weren’t for the English sign and lack of camels, it appeared as if a group of nomads came out of the desert and set up camp.
Chittor Market StallNo camels, but there was a horse though, and this hunter. The horse looked as if it might be happy wearing some of these brightly coloured clothes but the hunter didn’t.
Chittor Market StallsEnveloped in red!
Chittor Market Stall Skirts encrusted with embroidery, sequins and shells.Chittor Market Stall Detail of an embroidered skirt.
Mirrored & Embroidered Clothing at Chittor's Market For more about this Travel Theme Photo Challenge :

8 responses to “Travel Theme: Merchandise at Chittor’s Market

    • For us it was exactly half-way around the world – 21 hours to fly there, and it didn’t make any difference if we flew east or west. Being transported by a mere post seems like a much easier way to go. I glad you enjoyed the trip!

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