The Kulminator Pub in Antwerp, Belgium

Both the waitresses at K. Zappo Restaurant and the hosts at our Hotel recommended De Kulminator Pub as the best place to have a beer in Antwerp. Maybe even the best pub in the world! So guess where we were headed after a heavy day of sightseeing.

From my journal you can see that the directions we were getting were a tad confusing but we only got lost a couple of times.
journal sketches at the Kulminator in Antwerp Kulminator Pub Exterior The lads eagerly awaiting their beers (as selected for us by our waitress).
Kulminator7637 The sketches are of some of the characters that appear to live in the pub. The FoMu stickers are from the very interesting photo museum in Antwerp.12apBelJournalKulminator822w 12apBelAntwerpKulminator7647w 12apBelAntwerpKulminator7636wTheir beer menu was overwhelming so we begged the waitress for help. After cross-examining us for our tastes in beer, she selected the beers for us. The one she chose for me was a Belle-Vue Gueuze, light, fruity with vanilla peachy tones in the back. Very, very good, and one I would be drinking again.
Belle-Vue Gueuze But this triple Karmeliet won ALL our approvals for orange citrusy and peach nose, and superb flavour. We all decided that this would be one beer that we had to bring back. I loved the design of the glass and wouldn’t have minded getting one of those to take home as well.
Antwerp Beer: Tripel Karmeliet The Kulminator has been voted as the world’s best beer pub:

Our trip was roughly based on the Beer Route through Belgium, and here it is so far.
Some visits to a few of the many traditional bars in Brussels:
More on fairytale Bruges (Brugge):
Ramblings on beer, food and museums in Ghent:

6 responses to “The Kulminator Pub in Antwerp, Belgium

    • Dishey – as one of the lads, I can say that after a couple lambics you thought you went a few rounds with Arnie!
      Beautiful lambic beers with wonderful sour flavours – but brutally alcoholic! Truly great beers!
      I hear from reliable sources that lambic beers are made in N America now. They have a loyal following and pretty well sell out the day they go on sale. I’m guessing my friend in the picture might be at the top of the queue! 😉

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