A Beery Afternoon in Mons, Belgium

We arrived in Mons in the late afternoon, still starving after being unable to find food on our trip down from Antwerp. Consequently, our first agenda, after locating a hotel, was to find a place to eat. Alas, the custom of no food being served between two and six persisted in Mons.

12apBelBuildingToppingsF6096wHowever, we did manage to find a bar and proceeded to have two excellent beers each, accompanied by bar snacks. I wish I had written down the name of the bar/pub. Their menu was really funky and there are some photos of it below.

All I wrote in my journal is ‘nice pub on square with dogs; beers in front of them’. I’m not entirely sure what that means. This is what happens when you have a couple of beers on an empty stomach.

This is an overview of the pub. The lads were both texting each other on their smart phones while I ran around photographing everything.
12apBelMonsBeer7730w I made better notes on the beers. Maes Pil: light, easy to drink, a pleasant sweetness.
12apBelMaesBeerMikey7726wChimay Blanche: A cloudy blonde with lots of flavour but a very bitter end.12apBelMonsBeerChimay7727w Orval. Epervescent, bitter dark blonde. I find it has a bitter edge at the end; Al said ‘sour’. And there was some rare Belgian sunlight casting a golden glow over our beers, us, and our cheese and peanut luncheon.
beer & cheese (& sunlight) I love the design of their menus.
12apBelMonsBeerMenu7720w 12apBelMonsBeerMenu7725wFor our evening meal we decided to walk over to the Micro-Brasserie le Brasse-Temps. It was a fairly long walk to the new part of town. The brasserie is in a mall, half under construction from the outside. Inside it is modern and not very Belgian, full of young people drinking pricey beer.

These were our tasters:

  1. Cuvée des Trolls 7%. Their description ‘très ronde et douce’; Al’s ‘bland, light.’
  2. L’Ambrasse-Temps 5.5%. Al ‘s ‘bland, ordinary’; Mikey’s, ‘didn’t rock my boat.’
  3. Bush Blonde 10%. Mine ‘nice’; Al’s ‘boozy, not much behind it.’
  4. Bush Ambrée, 12%. Their description ‘subtle aromas’; Mine ‘very boozy, nutty’; Mikey’s ‘Holy Mother of Jesus, you can taste the alcohol in that – it’s like drinking cognac or something.’

12apBelMonsMicro-BrasserieSampler7740w The lighting in this micro-brasserie was that unappetizing yellowy brown that does nothing for food photos. We ordered a few classic Belgian dishes. For me there was a Waterzooï de Volaille à la Blanche de Set Waudru. This was a great wad of chicken in a cream sauce with slabs of mash, and desperately needed something more, leeks? asparagus? Al ordered the Carbonnades de Boeuf à l’Ambrasse-Temps et Frites, a rich beef stew with hints of beer and cloves, and tasty. Mikey’s choice was Potjevlees à la Bush Blonde, a terrine of rabbit, chicken and pork, served cold, and also tasty.Micro-Brasserie Chicken Wazoo Micro-Brasserie Stew & Frites This is part of our three-week trip more or less along the Belgian Beer Route.

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