Weekly Photo Challenge: Endurance

This ancient musician appears almost as old as the stone palace where he sits every day, playing and singing his heart out.

India's Chuck Berry Jaisalmer’s Fort and the Raj Mahal (Palace) were built in 1156, and have endured many wars and changes.Jaisalmer's Chuck BerryI’m not sure how old this musician is but he appears to be about 90. So many changes have taken place in India during his lifetime: Ghandi, war, the division of India, famines, the removal of the British. His face tells a story of endurance and peace.Jaisalmer's Chuck Berry With an incredible voice, singing traditional songs from Rajasthan, he soon gathered a large crowd. You can find him in front of the Raj Mahal Palace.

For more on this challenge see : http://dailypost.wordpress.com/dp_photo_challenge/endurance/


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